Trailer/Caravan Rental

About the service:

A trailer/caravan is a mobile structure that gives a feeling of home everywhere. Rental trailers/caravans are divided into two types. One type is stationary trailers/caravans used by people as houses in places where they wish to establish a permanent residence for sale or rent for a period of time. The second type is mobile trailers/caravans that are towed by pickups, trucks, or any kind of vehicle with a trailer hitch, and are used mainly by tourists as a mobile home. There are also luxurious and bigger mobile trailers/caravans that are not separate from the car but are in themselves a car with living space inside it. These are usually the size of a bus.
World Travel by Trailer/Caravan
World travel by trailer/caravan is becoming more and more popular. Outside Israel it has been a matter of routine for several years now. There are many companies that offer trailer/caravans for rent and many camping sites intended for trailer/caravan travelers. In Israel, because of the country’s relatively small size, trailer/caravan travel is less common and there are few trailer/caravan owners. However, even here the field develops gradually.
Trailer/Caravan for Residential Rent
Rental trailers/caravans are not necessarily those installed on and towed by cars in trips, but also those intended for residential purposes. Trailer/caravans can be manufactured in the size of a
120-m2 house. These are known as “caravillas”, and they lack nothing compared to a regular house. They can be lived in as rentals instead of purchasing them. Some localities in the Negev have neighborhoods that are built solely with caravillas, and there are other settlements that are entirely made up of them. Such places are under construction.