Portable Toilet Rental

About the service:

Portable toilet rental is inevitable in the case of exhibitions, shows, events held in unprepared places, ceremonies, construction sites, fairs, parks, and nature reserves. In fact, portable toilets are suitable for all places where a large public is gathered and where there are no static permanent toilets, or in the case of an inadequate number of toilets unevenly distributed over a vast area.
What are Luxury Portable Toilets?
These are chemical toilets in various degrees of splendor according to the client’s needs and budget and to the nature of the event for which they are set up. Luxury toilets are air conditioned and have a pleasant-looking lobby. In addition, there are separated trailers for men and women and the toilet compartments include clay washbasins and lavatories, luxurious marble surfaces, recessed lighting, and high-quality tiles and finish. The resulting ambiance transmits luxury and respect for the clients or the guests that make use of the facilities.
Basic Portable Toilets

The basic and cheapest toilet consists of one single cubicle that can be transported by pickup or small truck and easily set up in the field. It provides a solution to small or modest events. It can be placed in schools, construction sites, summer youth camps, etc.
All the facilities intended for portable toilet rental include a washbasin, toilet paper dispenser, and paper hand towels; the luxurious facilities have an air freshener dispenser, a mirror, and other treats.
The entire concept of portable or temporary toilet rental is built on toilets that can be easily moved from place to place and which do not depend on infrastructures and connection to the water mains or the sewer network. Water is operated by means of an independent pump. The toilet cubicle is completely separated from the waste compartment, a fact that ensures a pleasant and hygienic usage free of bad odors.