Mobile Structure Transportation

About the service:

In addition to its mobile structure sale and rental services, Oz Masa’s Structures Department offers its clients the possibility of transporting mobile structures to their destination. This is a logistic collaboration that supplies solutions to the customer’s needs under one single roof – that of the Oz Group. The transport company, Oz Masa, and the rental company, Oz Mobile Structure Rental, have the advantage that both of them ‘speak the same language’ and bear joint responsibility for the entire process. This collaboration ensures accurate compliance with time schedules and quality service for the client.
How does it Work?

The transportation of mobile structures can be complicated and it sometimes requires police escorts or special equipment such as cranes with high lifting capacity and large vehicles. Using a fleet of modern trucks and cranes and employing skilled and professional personnel, Oz Masa provides clients with various transportation and crane services: lifting, mobile structure transportation, container transportation, factory relocation, etc.
Mobile structure transportation is frequently carried out in parts, that is, it requires dismantling the structure and assembling it on the field. Oz Masa’s skilled and experienced staff handles not only the transportation of the structure to its destination but also prepares the area for structure placement and installation on its foundations on the field, levels the site, and of course sets up the structure in its new location, taking care to close the “seams” between the walls.
Given that this is a serious, complex, and at times complicated occupation, it is important to contact a company like the Oz Group that has all the licenses and permits required from those who engage in this type of activity. This includes transportation permits, equipment operation permits, and insurance coverage for the cargo.