Freezer Compartment Rental

About the service:

Freezer compartment rental is suitable for various types of events and purposes that require a refrigeration compartment. Oz Structure Rental, a company specializing in the rental of different mobile structures, rents out generator-supported freezer compartments.
Oz Structure Rental
Oz Structure Rental is one of the many members of the Oz Group. The latter incorporates a number of companies designed to provide services for industrial and private-client needs. Oz Structure Rental supplies a range of structures for rent. The company preserves, renovates, and adapts the structure according to the client’s purposes. This is done while providing a professional and efficient service. Rental structures include, among others, portable toilets, shower structures, containers, trailers/caravans, refrigeration compartments, etc.
Refrigeration Compartment Rental
Oz Structure Rental has a large number of freezer compartments for rent. Refrigeration compartments can be ordered from the company in cases where backup is needed, the refrigerators at the event site are malfunctioning, etc. The refrigerator compartments are ordered by phone or through the company’s website. Details for such an order can be sent to the website in order to receive a quotation by email. Oz Structure Rental offers 20-ft and 40-ft refrigeration and freezer compartments that maintain temperatures of 18 degrees and are supported by a generator set. Oz Structure Rental’s refrigeration compartments are intended to serve both as backup during the event and as the main refrigeration compartment. In addition, the order for the refrigeration compartment can include transportation from the company.