Storage Space Rental

About the service:

Storage space rental is a successful solution for companies or private clients looking for storage space without taking on additional commitments to rent a container or a place of storage. Oz Structure Rental provides accessible and secure storage spaces located at the company’s site, in Kfar Saba’s industrial area.
Oz Structure Rental
Oz Structure Rental is one of many companies that belong to the Oz Group, a group of companies that provide services to industry. Oz Structure Rental’s line of business relates to all useful rental structures, storage space rental, storage in containers and shipping containers, and transportation. By virtue of the company’s membership in the Oz Group, additional and relevant services can be obtained from the different companies that make up the group. All of this takes place within an environment of professional coordination and via the reliable and efficient service that the Oz Group has set as its guiding principle.
Storage in the Company’s Territory
The rental possibilities offered by Oz Structure Rental are divided into rental of different structures, storage containers, and storage spaces. Storage space rental is performed over the phone or via direct contact through the website. It is also possible to complete an order form on the website and to get a quotation with no commitment to rent. Spaces can be rented for short or long periods according to the client’s needs. A major advantage of renting storage space in the company is convenience. Another advantage of renting space through Oz Structure Rental is accessibility to transportation provided by the company.