Storage in Containers at the Company’s Site

About the service:

Storage in containers at the company’s site allows private or corporate customers to store furniture, archives, industrial products, and in fact any item that requires storage over short or long periods and for unlimited time. Container storage provides a convenient solution to business owners and private individuals who are renovating or in transition, and to anyone requesting a convenient, safe, and accessible place to store different items.
Oz Structure Rental’s Site

Oz Structure Rental’s site is located in Israel’s central region, in the Kfar Saba area. Oz Structure Rental is one of many companies that belong to the Oz Group, which incorporates different companies providing industrial services to corporate and private clients. Oz Structure Rental offers rental structures designed for different and varied purposes. The company provides quick, professional, and reliable rental services for structures such as containers, trailers/caravans, shower structures, and portable toilets. The company’s site is protected and the items are stored in closed containers that are found in the site’s premises.
Advantage of Container Storage in Oz Structure Rental:

  1. Reliability – Oz Structure Rental is famous for its reliability in rendering services to the industry. The containers at the site are locked and provide a safe place for storage.
  2.  Convenience – there is no need to contact another supplier for services ancillary to container storage at the company’s site, such as carrying and transportation. The services of additional companies belonging to the Oz Group that work in this field can be easily engaged.
  3. Accessibility – the site is located in the country’s central region.
  4. Period of time – the storage of containers at the site is not restricted in time and is intended for short and long periods.

Quotations for the company’s container storage and other services can be obtained on the company’s website. Send the details and get a quotation directly to your email address.