Portable Structures

About the service:

A portable structure, as its name indicates, is a structure that can be moved from place to place. This type of structures has many uses for people who, for a given period of time, are, live, or work in a certain area far away from their home or from services that can be found in the city, and who wish to have the same comforts they have in the city or in any other organized place. These may include services and structures such as residential homes, classrooms, synagogues, offices, security rooms, toilets, showers, etc.
Types of Portable Structures and Construction Procedures 

Portable structures can be built from a number of materials and in a number of degrees of finish in accordance with the client’s needs. This extends from a simple structure that can be produced at great speed, which is a portable structure in a container, and up to a pampering cabin or 120-m2 residential home with tile roof, a well-endowed kitchen, and bedrooms.
The construction of a structure in a container takes 1-2 weeks, while the construction of a portable structure of 120 m2 may take 2 months. The structure’s floor is usually built from a combination of steel piles and concrete. The walls are built from isolated boards made of different materials according to the structure being manufactured. These include steel materials, wood, an alloy of advanced materials and aluminum, and insulation materials such as rock wool and plaster boards. The roof is built in accordance with the level of finish using various materials such as tiles, flat steel, hidden steel, polycarbonate, wood, etc.
Portable structures are designed to withstand the weather and built in a way that makes them strong and stable. It should be remember that frequently they will stay in the place they were taken to their entire lives, so that they will resemble a permanent building as much as possible.