About the service:

Containers are boxes usually made of metal and used to store merchandise for its easy and efficient conveyance throughout the world.
The easy and efficient way in which merchandise and contents are thus transported, loaded, and unloaded has transformed the container into the most common storage tool in the world as regards to the international shipping of goods. Containers can be loaded as complete units onto trains, ships, and trucks and they protect their contents from the weather and from theft. Also, according to the type of container, they protect from conditions that may harm the merchandise. An example of this are refrigerated containers that transport food or materials that must not be exposed to heat.
Containers usually come in lengths of 6 or 12 m, and the volume of a 6-m container, the most common kind, is about 39 m3.
Mobile Structure Conveyance

The ease and efficiency with which containers are transported, loaded, and unloaded make it possible to transform them into mobile structures quickly and easily. Shipping containers can be made into mobile structures within one-two weeks and they can be provided with accessories at different levels of finish and quality according to the client’s needs. They can go from a simple office to a home with a kitchen, shower, and toilet, and more. They can also be used in a variety of services and structures such as classrooms in places where permanent classrooms cannot be built, synagogues, toilets and shower rooms, storerooms, etc.
Shipping containers are good for use in transportation for about 20 years. Subsequently, they are placed out of service, and recycling them offers many advantages to man and to the environment. They can be used even in the construction of entire multi-story buildings.