All-Purpose Mobile Structure Rental

About the service:

Oz Structure Rental is part of the Oz Group’s Structures Department. It is a division that deals in renting out mobile structures for all purposes. To that end, Oz Structure Rental holds and maintains a wide range of structures of various kinds. It offers temporary and mobile structures that can be positioned in different places for varying periods of time according to the client’s specific needs and to the seasons of the year.
Who may benefit from the company’s services?
Clients are a varied group that includes private individuals and companies. Among them are couples who, in the spirit of the time, decide to hold their wedding in unusual places, and also fairs, big exhibitions, big construction sites, and enormous spectacles of the kind performed in HaYarkon Park or in Masada, for example.
Mobile Structures for Rent 

The company offers air-conditioned mobile structures for rent such as sales offices in building sites, forward command posts for military exercises, dressing rooms for actors or make-up rooms in theaters and outdoor shows. It also rents out toilet cubicles for big shows or public events.
The toilet cubicle rental service is efficient and widespread in large-scale shows and public events and also in construction sites that are still lacking infrastructure. In addition to toilets, the company also has shower rooms for rent.
Oz offers refrigerated mobile structures for food-related exhibitions and fairs.
Mobile structures are offered in a range of prices and a wide variety of configurations. They can be rented in their present condition or they can be renovated and adapted to the client’s needs and requirements.